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Have you heard of Japanese shampoos? Well, I had not heard of them until a few months ago when a cousin of mine decided to talk about them at length. According to her, she had been dealing with damaged hair for a long time, and she had finally gotten to the point of wearing wigs to hide the damage.

But Lucy did not give up, and she went on to look for other options that did not involve reliance on hair wigs. She divulged that she came across Japanese shampoos and they had done wonders for her. Sitting there, I could not help but wonder if she was right about these products.

On the one hand, my cousin is not a liar, which is something I have known about her since we were kids. For this reason, I felt compelled to believe her.

On the other hand, there have been so many hypes in the market in recent years, and a part of me thought that it could all be a myth that people had grown to believe.

Knowing me, I knew that I would eventually delve into researching these shampoos and it’s a good thing that I did because Lucy and I are now singing the same song.

What shampoos take the day?

Given that we all have different needs and hair types, no one shampoo can work for all of us. However, we can always narrow down to a handful of options where everyone can find what works best for them. Lucy and I compiled the following list to help you in your quest for a great Japanese shampoo. Enjoy!

List of Top-Rated Japan Shampoos

Product ImageProduct NameWeightSuitabilityMore Information
1. International Cosmetics Agree | Shampoo | Fragrance Shampoo - Best Japanese Shampoo for Oily Hair1. International Cosmetics Agree | Shampoo | Fragrance Shampoo19.2 ouncesOily HairMore Information
2. Moist Diane oil shampoo Botanical Moist - Best Japanese Shampoo for Dry Scalp2. Moist Diane oil shampoo Botanical Moist19.2 ouncesDry ScalpMore Information
3. Rituals Samurai Cool Hair Shampoo - Best Japanese Shampoo for Weak Hair3. Rituals Samurai Cool Hair Shampoo5.4 ouncesWeak HairMore Information
4. Shiseido Tsubaki Camellia Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner Set - Best Japanese Shampoo for Damaged Hair4. Shiseido Tsubaki Camellia Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner Set42.4 ouncesDamaged HairMore Information
5. Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo - Best Japanese Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair5. Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo33.8 ouncesColor-Treated HairMore Information

The Best Japan Shampoos Reviews

1. International Cosmetics Agree | Shampoo | Fragrance Shampoo – Best Japanese Shampoo for Oily Hair

General Overview

This traditional shampoo made in Japan boasts of floral scents that linger long after you finish shampooing. It lathers with ease and is gentle on the scalp. Once you come to an end, you should enjoy silky and soft hair that is easy to manage. It works best for people with oily hair as it eliminates the excess oils on the scalp.


Q: How long will the scent last?
A: The smell lasts for about three days, and this should serve you until your next wash.
Q: How often can I use this on my oily hair?
A: You can use it daily if you wish. It is gentle and will not damage your hair.

2. Moist Diane oil shampoo Botanical Moist – Best Japanese Shampoo for Dry Scalp

General Overview

With ninety percent of natural ingredients in tow, this shampoo is ideal for people with sensitive scalps. It moisturizes hair from the roots to the tips, resulting in vibrant and healthy hair. It works great for people suffering eczema, itching and other kinds of issues that relate to dry scalps.


Q: Does this help with hair loss?
A: Yes, this shampoo strengthens hair strands to prevent damage that can lead to hair loss.
Q: How is the scent?
A: The best way to describe it would be refreshing.

3. Rituals Samurai Cool Hair Shampoo – Best Japanese Shampoo for Weak Hair

General Overview

This sulfate-free shampoo Japan boasts of sea minerals which work to balance moisture in the hair and the scalp, thus getting rid of dandruff and other dry scalp issues. It comprises ingredients such as Japanese mint which refresh as well as stimulate the scalp, leading to increased hair growth. Furthermore, this shampoo strengthens the hair, and you will notice a change in hair loss over time.


Q: Does this work in volumizing hair?
A: It does.
Q: How good is this shampoo at cleaning hair?
A: It works great as a cleanser, and you will notice that you feel fresh after using it.

4. Shiseido Tsubaki Camellia Extra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner Set – Best Japanese Shampoo for Damaged Hair

General Overview

This Tsubaki shampoo Japan is best for anyone who has damaged hair that requires some nourishing. It not only hydrates the hair to leave it feeling smooth but it also strengthens it to protect it from further damage. For best results, use this Shiseido shampoo japan regularly.


Q: How do I make the most out of this set?
A: Use the shampoo and conditioner, and you will enjoy the results.
Q: Can I get a shine out of using this shampoo?
A: Yes, it leaves your hair feeling silky.

5. Keratin Complex Color Care Shampoo – Best Japanese Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Japan Shampoo 101

This mostly organic shampoo Japan works to protect color-treated hair from damage while helping you enjoy the color for longer. Thanks to the lack of sulfates and sodium chloride, you can shampoo your hair without the need for added color treatments while getting rid of residue on your scalp. The best thing about it is that it is gentle on the scalp and hair and thus ideal for people who tend to suffer reactions.


Q: Can I use this on my color-treated hair even if I do not have keratin treatments?
A: Yes, it works in both cases.
Q: Will it smoothen my hair?
A: Yes, your hair should be softer and more manageable with time.

Japanese Shampoos

With people rushing to purchase Japanese shampoos at present, these products have become more of a trend than they are a commodity. It’s now very common to come across people using and raving about these products, and this has led to a widespread talk on the same. But one thing that seems to be standard with these shampoos is that people expect a lot out of them. Sometimes, the expectations are too much, and thus people end up disappointed. I will let you in on one secret at this point. Healthy hair is the result of continuous maintenance practices which work to strengthen the hair. For this reason, you cannot use a shampoo today and wake up tomorrow expecting instant results. It comes down to other processes as well such as conditioning, clarifying and a range of other activities.
That said, Japanese shampoos have proven to be gems. There are the classic types which have been in existence for a long while, and there are others which recently came onto the market. The latter types have some adjustments that make them even better than the former ones. However, this does not always hold, and some research beforehand will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

As is the case with other kinds of shampoos, Japanese shampoos also have variations, and you need to select a product that works for your hair type. You can shop for different options in drugstores, supermarkets as well as in online spaces before deciding what you think will work best for you.

The thing that stands out with Japanese shampoos is that they come infused with a wide range of natural ingredients that do wonders for your hair regarding conditioning and moisturizing. They also make hair much more manageable, and you will notice a change in how well you can style your hair over time. Additionally, these shampoos nourish your hair, making it stronger over time. However, you can only reap these benefits if you choose the right shampoo from the very beginning. Before we get into that, let’s have a look at some of the reasons behind the success of these shampoos:

Why should you use Japanese Shampoo?

Other than the fact that everyone seems to have a good experience with these shampoos, what are the reasons that these products have taken over the market by a storm?


Many products on the market have overpowering scents that make them uncomfortable to wear for long periods. However, with Japanese shampoos, you can say goodbye to such situations owing to their mild scent. Most people who have used these shampoos state that they have not come across another shampoo with a smell as good as these products. The floral scent lingers long after you finish washing your hair and you do not need to wear perfume on your hair anymore. So if you are big on smell, this is one of the perks of using this shampoo.


Of late, people have become cautious as to what they are willing to use on their hair, owing to studies showing the effects of certain chemicals on the hair and scalp. For this reason, all eyes are on labels, and anything that promises to be gentle on the skin is generally preferable. That is the thing with these shampoos which boast of a wide range of natural ingredients. With vitamin E as well as rich minerals in tow, these shampoos not only repair hair but they also nourish it, making it healthy in the process.

The good thing about these shampoos is that they do not weigh down the hair, and they thus result in manageable hair over time.


Different hair types have different needs, and the makers of Japanese shampoos consider these requirements. You will notice that there are many shampoos on the market which work for a range of hair types. While this is great for users as they can use one bottle as a family, it serves as somewhat a disadvantage to someone whose hair requires some intense nourishing. Take an example of someone whose hair has undergone sun damage. Such a person would need a shampoo that would be gentle on their hair while coating the strands to protect them from more damage.

For this reason, they should use a shampoo that works particularly for them. Most shampoos do not have such considerations, and this thus makes them unsuitable for people with dry hair. Japanese shampoos have lots of options from which you can choose, and it all comes down to your hair needs. You can finally get rid of issues such as hair falling out with these gems by your side.

Hair Management

Japanese shampoos comprise natural oils that work to not only moisturize but also soften the hair, making hair more manageable. You will notice that using these shampoos results in a fine lather which is easy to work with and the ultimate result is that of silky and soft hair that will have heads turning your way.


Japanese shampoos are not only useful in cleaning the scalp and hair, but they also add to the volume of hair over time. However, this effect is not a result of all shampoos, and you need to use one specifically designed for this purpose. In a few weeks of consistent use, you should enjoy bouncy hair that feels light to the touch.

How to choose Japanese Shampoos

Now that you know the benefits you stand to reap from Japanese shampoos let’s have a glimpse of some of the features you need to consider when getting a shampoo. Some shampoos work great while others do not, and the success of a product is hugely dependent on whether you make the purchase based on the needs of your hair. Here are some of the things you need to take into account:


You need to know what the manufacturer has used in making the said shampoo. If you come across a product where the elements are not evident, or the manufacturer uses umbrella terms to describe the components, do not use it. One of the reasons why people love Japanese shampoos is that they feel light on the hair. This feature ensures that they do not weigh down the hair and they thus do not cause damage to your strands. However, this is only possible when the shampoo in question does not contain silicone, and you should, therefore, be on the lookout for this ingredient.

You also need to look into the presence of chemicals such as parabens and sulfates as they have drying effects on the hair. If you can, always go for wholly natural products. Where this is not possible, be sure to consider whether the listed ingredients are safe.


Reading reviews is a great way to gauge whether the manufacturer delivers what they promise. Here, you can see what people have to say, and you can match the experiences of those with your hair type as products have different effects on various hairs. It’s only in this way that you can tell whether you are likely to get the satisfaction that you desire from the shampoo.


Different shampoos serve different purposes, and you need to know what you wish to see at the end of the day. Some people are looking for volume; others prefer strength while others are looking for something to help them with their damaged hair. Why do you need the shampoo? Having an answer to this question will not only help you narrow down your choices, but it will also ensure that you get something that works great for you.

Try a Japanese shampoo today and see how it goes. As long as you consider the ingredients, purpose, and reviews, you are in to have a hair experience like never before. All the best!

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