Looking for Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair?

I love my brown hair to bits, and I have received numerous compliments as to its look countless times in the past. For this reason, I take the time to care for it using the necessary practices such as shampooing to trimming now and then.

The only problem I have with my hair is that I have a dry scalp and cannot wash it as much as I would wish. Yes, there are tons of hydrating shampoos out there, but sometimes I feel that the best thing for my hair is to give it a break in between washes.

But this move does not always end well as I then have to deal with residues and all sorts of buildup over time. A friend suggested that I should use a dry shampoo instead of taking long breaks and on seeing how it worked, I was thrilled. The thing I forgot to look into was that she was a blonde and I am not.

I ended up using products that left me with a white residue, thus forcing me to clean my hair from scratch. Owing to this, I realized that I had to find an option that could work for my brown hair and that meant that I had to do some research beforehand.

Here are some of the best products in this regard:

List of Top-Rated Dry Shampoos for Brown Hair

Product ImageProduct NameWeightSuitabilityMore Information
1. Batiste dry shampoo - Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair1. Batiste dry shampoo - Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair4.8 ouncesVolumizingMore Information
2. Verb Dry Shampoo Dark - Best Style-Extension Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair2. Verb Dry Shampoo Dark - Best Style-Extension Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair8.2 ouncesStyle-ExtensionMore Information
3. Four Reasons Travel Size Brown Hair Powder - Best Conditioning Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair3. Four Reasons Travel Size Brown Hair Powder - Best Conditioning Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair3.38 ouncesConditioningMore Information
4. Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo - Best Oil-Absorption Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair4. Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo - Best Oil-Absorption Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair9.6 ouncesOil-AbsorptionMore Information
5. Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo - Best Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair5. Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo - Best Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair2 ouncesRefreshingMore Information

The Best Dry Shampoos for Brown Hair Reviews

1. Batiste dry shampoo – Best Volumizing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair

General Overview

This Batiste dry shampoo for dark brown hair works great for anyone with auburn or brunette hair. It absorbs grease and dirt on the hair, resulting in vibrant and refreshed hair. Additionally, it gives the hair some volume, allowing you to extend your hairstyle. Furthermore, it is vegan-friendly.

How to use Batiste dry shampoo

This shampoo comes in handy between washes. Start by shaking the bottle before sectioning your hair and using the spray twelve inches from the roots. Massage the shampoo into your hair before brushing and styling it.


Q: Are there parabens or sulfates in the formula?
A: There are none as there is no need for such components.
Q: How well does it work?
A: You can use it every two or three days between washes and your hair will feel clean.

If you need some extra volume while extending the time between washes, you can count on this dry shampoo.

2. Verb Dry Shampoo Dark – Best Style-Extension Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair

General Overview

It feels good to have styled hair but when you feel that your hair needs that extra bouncy feel; you can count on this top rated dry shampoo for brown hair. It helps you preserve your blowouts by adding some volume to the hair as it gets rid of excess dirt. To use it, ensure that you give an allowance of about eight inches from the scalp.


Q: How safe is this shampoo?
A: It is free of gluten, sulfates, and parabens. Additionally, it is cruelty-free.
Q: Does it have any moisturizing properties?
A: Yes, it comprises Pro-Vitamin B5 which hydrates dry hair.

Give your blowout an extension with this hydrating shampoo.

3. Four Reasons Travel Size Brown Hair Powder – Best Conditioning Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair

General Overview

Do you feel that your hair has been dry of late? Well, washing it often might not be a great option, and that is where this best dry shampoo for oily brown hair comes into the picture. It gets rid of excess oils while leaving your hair feeling soft and clean. This sulfate-free shampoo also works to hydrate the hair.


Q: Is this shampoo vegan?
A: Yes, it is 100% vegan.
Q: How should I use this?
A: Start by parting your hair before spraying the shampoo on your roots from a distance of about ten inches. You can then massage the shampoo into the hair and wait two minutes before styling it.

Condition your hair with this dry shampoo for a manageable experience in styling.

4. Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo – Best Oil-Absorption Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair

General Overview

People with oily hair also benefit a lot from the use of dry shampoos. This dry shampoo for dark brown hair gets rid of excess oils on the hair and scalp and thus prevents you from having to deal with greasiness. Additionally, it lifts the roots and thus adds volume to the hair as it imparts some mild fragrance to keep you smelling fresh all day.


Q: On what hair types does this dry shampoo work?
A: It works on any hair type, thanks to its light formula.
Q: Will I get any residue after application?
A: The only thing you’ll deal with upon application is soft and freshly scented hair.

Get rid of excess oil in a few easy steps with this dry shampoo.

5. Aveda New Shampure Dry Shampoo – Best Refreshing Dry Shampoo for Brown Hair

General Overview

Not only does this dry shampoo for light brown hair refresh your hair within minutes but it also has a pleasant aroma that lasts until your next wash. It comes in the form of a powder which you can gently massage onto your hair for that great finish. And the best part is that it works on all hair types.


Q: How good is this shampoo on curly hair?
A: It works great on all hair types.
Q: Can I travel with this shampoo in my purse without it leaking?
A: Yes, it comes with a secure twist cap.

Refresh your hair on the go with this amazing shampoo and protect your hair from damage that comes from frequent washing.

Dry Shampoo For Brown Hair 101

All about Dry Shampoo

If you have fine hair, dry shampoo will come in handy on many occasions. First off, it gets rid of the dirt and excess oil on your scalp, allowing you to enjoy a fresh head of hair. Secondly, it adds volume to hair and is a great way to lengthen the period in which you use a given hairstyle. Also, it reduces the number of times you need to thoroughly clean your hair, which is a great thing for people with dry scalps, such as me.

Additionally, it also adds fragrance to the hair, leaving you smelling fresh. It is therefore not a wonder that these products have become so popular over the years.

With many options comes the risk of getting something that is not worth the bucks and this is something that you have to consider as you get a dry shampoo. Some do not work as well as they should, and others only work for a given hair type, and you should think about this before making any purchase. Here is a guide to help you in this regard:

How to use dry shampoo

If you do not use dry shampoo as you should, you expose your scalp and hair to damage. It may seem like a straightforward thing to do, and you may wonder how you could end up misusing this gem, but it is possible.

Some people end up using too much product on the hair, and this leads to residue on the hair no matter how hard you comb through. Other people choose to spray the shampoo at proximity to the hair, and this move also results in a residue.

The problem with both of these techniques is that you not only get buildup at fast rates but you also use more than you should, thus meaning that you have to dig into your pocket to get another bottle after a short while.

When using shampoo, here are some of the steps that you should follow:

You need to have some space between the bottle and your hair as you spray the product. The best distance is about six inches. You can use more distance but should not use less than this. Some manufacturers state that you should use their products from a range of ten inches, which is good as it allows you to spread the shampoo evenly, lessening the chances of residue. If the manufacturer does not have express instructions on how to use the shampoo, you can use six inches.

Do not spray into the hair in a bunch, but rather, divide the hair into sections. In this way, you can move from one part to the other as you clean the roots. You must avoid spraying the shampoo onto the scalp as this can easily lead to the formation of the residue.

Once you cover the entire head, you should allow the shampoo to rest on the hair for at least two minutes before you start styling. In this way, the shampoo will have adequate time to absorb dirt and excess oils on the scalp, and you will thus have achieved your desired results. Another thing that people tend to do after using the shampoo is letting it sit without working on it. Do not do that. If you want the powder to spread throughout the hair, you should either blow-dry or brush the hair.

You should note that you cannot use dry shampoo on wet or damp hair. For this reason, you should start by drying your hair before applying the shampoo. Dry shampoo works on all parts of the hair. If you want to texturize your ends, using dry shampoo is a good bet. You can also spray the shampoo on the mid-section of the shaft to help you achieve fine hair.

How long does dry shampoo last

People often wonder how long they should use dry shampoo. While these products work in removing dirt and excess oils, they are not effective in getting rid of all the buildup that forms on the scalp. Failure to get rid of stubborn residues leads to clogging, and other problems arise as a result. It is thus essential that you alternate between using dry shampoo and regular shampoo. Three days should be enough before you give your head a good wash. In this way, you can wash your hair once a week before finishing off with a thorough washing at the end of the month using a clarifying shampoo.

What does dry shampoo look like?

You will notice that shampoos are entirely different and this owes to the fact that they cater to different needs regarding hair type and color. Some of these dry shampoos work to cleanse the hair while others work to refresh it. Most shampoos on the market will serve more than one purpose, making them great for daily use. Organic brands tend to be a tad pricy, but they work great for people with sensitive skins. Here are some of the things to consider before buying a dry shampoo:

Powder vs. Aerosol

Dry shampoo comes in two forms: aerosol and powder. Both styles work to absorb excess oils and refresh your hair.
For this reason, the decision you make regarding what type to use will all come down to a matter of preference. Sprays are easy to use as all you need is to direct the shampoo onto your hair. Powders, on the other hand, tend to be less wasteful. Try both forms and see what you like best.


You can indeed find a good dry shampoo in a drugstore for less than ten dollars and the Batiste Dry Shampoo is proof of this. The only downside to these products is that they tend to have powerful scents. However, for people who do not mind fragrance, you will love how great they feel on the hair.

Organic vs. Artificial

The more organic a dry shampoo is, the safer it is for use on the hair. If you can find something that is 100% natural, then all the better. If not, you can opt for a shampoo with mostly organic products. As you do so, be on the lookout for components such as phthalates, sulfates, and unsafe GMOs.

Last but not least, for brunettes, it is essential to look for a shampoo that will not turn your hair white. One way to prevent white residue is by thoroughly brushing your hair after application. The other way is by getting a shampoo that works for your hair color.

When it comes to how to use dry shampoo spray, remember to work with what the manufacturer states. Where specific directions are not in play, work with anything from six inches going up for the best results.
Here is to wishing you all the best in your quest for fresh, volumized hair.

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