Top-Rated Clarifying Shampoos For Greasy Hair

List of Top-Rated Clarifying Shampoos For Oily Hair

Product ImageProduct NameWeightSuitabilityMore Information
1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two - Best Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two - Best Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo39.04 ouncesCleansingMore Information
2. Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo - Best Build-Up Control Clarifying Shampoo2. Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo - Best Build-Up Control Clarifying Shampoo8.8 ouncesBuild-Up ControlMore Information
3. Nature's Gate Tea Tree + Sea Buckthorn Calming Shampoo - Best Strengthening Clarifying Shampoo3. Nature's Gate Tea Tree + Sea Buckthorn Calming Shampoo - Best Strengthening Clarifying Shampoo18.08 ouncesStrengtheningMore Information
4. PHYTO PHYTHÉOL OILY HAIR Botanical Exfoliating Shampoo For Oily Scalp - Best Exfoliating Clarifying Shampoo4. PHYTO PHYTHÉOL OILY HAIR Botanical Exfoliating Shampoo For Oily Scalp - Best Exfoliating Clarifying Shampoo9.6 ouncesExfoliationMore Information
5. Davines Solu Shampoo - Best Deep-Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo5. Davines Solu Shampoo - Best Deep-Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo2.72 ouncesDeep CleansingMore Information

In recent years, we have paid a lot of attention to products such as hair masks and conditioners, without giving much thought to clarifying shampoos. For me, I realized this when I was going through a pretty greasy phase of my life.

I was doing everything right at the time. I had my standard washes followed by conditioning, hair masks and all sorts of treatments that I felt would do my hair right. With some dry shampoos in tow and hair sprays, I had everything I needed to pull off a stunning style with each day that came. Then the greasiness began.

I thought little of it at first and opted to ignore it until it found its way to my pillows, clothes, furniture and all sorts of items. I tried washing it off to no avail. I could not see where I was going wrong until I stumbled upon a clarifying shampoo.

Here’s the thing. As long as you use styling products on your hair as well as color treatments, you need to use a clarifying shampoo on your air now and then.

What is clarifying shampoo?

You may have come across this product by a different name such as purifying shampoo or detoxing shampoo. Whatever the label, the working is the same. These products get rid of all stubborn build-ups which regular shampoos cannot eliminate. The striking thing is that some of the residues on your scalp are as a result of the regular shampoos you use. Silicones, moisturizers, and waxes are some of the common culprits in this regard.

These shampoos do not only get rid of buildup, but they also eliminate hard water mineral deposits that you are likely to accumulate when swimming or using water in general.

What is a good clarifying shampoo for natural hair?

A regular shampoo uses more moisturizing than cleaning agents. For this reason, you get that desirable smooth and shiny look and feel after washing your hair with the same. For clarifying shampoos, it is the opposite as they gear towards more cleaning and less hydrating. With a good clarifying shampoo, you are set to enjoy a clean scalp and healthy hair.

Is clarifying shampoo good for oily hair

People with greasy hair are more likely to need a clarifying shampoo than those who do not. In their case, they also have to deal with a greasiness that comes from oil production. If you get a good clarifying shampoo, it will cleanse without drying out the scalp and will thus not lead to excessive oil production in the end.

How often use clarifying shampoo

The number of times that you use a clarifying shampoo depends on how heavily you style your hair. Sometimes, I use it weekly, and at others, I opt to do so monthly. It all comes down to how many products I have used on my hair at the time. You can go by this, or you can go with what the manufacturer states.

What does clarifying shampoo do?

A question that comes up a lot is when to use a clarifying shampoo, and the answer is once in a while. It can be hard to get to the point where you want to strip your hair of all the products in it, but this process has several advantages.

The more buildup you have in your scalp, the harder it becomes for your strands to breathe and you end up with dull hair. It is thus essential to set a date where you wash off all the sprays and conditioners out thoroughly for a healthier environment for hair growth.

The less buildup you have on your scalp, the easier it becomes for the color to deposit. For this reason, consider using a clarifying shampoo before color treatments, and you will see a significant difference in results. However, be sure to give the scalp some time to produce natural oils as they will protect you against irritation during the treatment.

For those days when you want a boost in volume, consider using a clarifying shampoo as it makes your hair more voluminous. It is important to note that you should restrict the use of the shampoo to every once in a while as it can dry out your hair.

The other reason goes without saying: to deal with oily hair. Dealing with greasiness can be very frustrating, and with this shampoo in tow, you will have eliminated this problem.

What is the best clarifying shampoo for oily hair?

There are many types of clarifying shampoos on the market as at now, and you should consider your hair type before getting one. The following five products take the day when it comes to the best clarifying shampoos for oily hair:

The Best Clarifying Shampoos For Oily Hair Reviews

1. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two – Best Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo

General Overview

This clarifying shampoo not only cleanses your hair and scalp but it will also leave you feeling fresh. Your hair will have added volume and a natural shine as a result of the cleansing. The great thing about this shampoo is that it works on colored hair, so you do not need to worry about losing some hue along the way.

This shampoo relies on wheat-derived conditioners which work to increase the volume of hair as well as boost your hair’s natural shine. To use it, start by wetting your hair before massaging the shampoo onto your scalp. Rinse thoroughly, and any dirt, oils or leftover products that were on the scalp will be a thing of the past.


Q: How often should I use this?
A: It depends on how many hair products you use on your hair. Once or twice a week will do, and it should not be harsh on the scalp at all.
Q: Will my colors strip when I use this?
A: No, this shampoo is color-safe and is thus suitable for use on color-treated hair.

This pleasantly-scented shampoo does a great job of cleaning your hair and scalp without getting rid of excess oils.

2. Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo – Best Build-Up Control Clarifying Shampoo

General Overview

We use many products on our hair to make it look good, and over time, they can leave a residue that creates an unhealthy environment in our scalp. Standard shampoos are unable to get rid of these build-ups as they are sometimes also causative factors of the same. For this reason, hair loses its shine and appears lifeless. However, with this clarifying shampoo for bleached hair, you can let go of this worry.

Not only will this shampoo get rid of product build-up but it will also get rid of dirt as well as other environmental impurities present on your scalp and hair. After this cleansing, you will feel clean and refreshed, ready to take on a new day. Additionally, this shampoo works to add moisture to the hair while nourishing it, thus resulting in healthy hair with the right hair maintenance practices in tow.

To use this shampoo, you need to wet your hair before massaging it into the scalp thoroughly. Rinse out the shampoo, and you can enjoy your clean head of hair. For the best results, use a hair mask or conditioner to seal in moisture in the hair strands.


Q: I need a clarifying shampoo that I can use every two weeks without drying out my hair. Is this product any good?
A: As long as you follow a wash with conditioning, your hair can retain its moisture with ease.
Q: Can I use this on my curly hair? If yes, what will the effects be?
A: Yes, you can use this on curly hair as it works on all hair types. In your case, the result would be that of added volume.

Get rid of buildup on your scalp and pave the way for fresh hair growth with this impeccable clarifying shampoo.

3. Nature’s Gate Tea Tree + Sea Buckthorn Calming Shampoo – Best Strengthening Clarifying Shampoo

General Overview

When it comes to buying a clarifying shampoo, most of the focus lies in safety. You want a product that is free of harsh ingredients yet one that is effective enough to get rid of all residues. This basic clarifying shampoo is vegan and free of gluten and parabens, thus qualifying as one of the best options in the market at present.

It comprises natural ingredients such as rosemary, tea tree oil, and goldenseal which work to reduce the accumulation of buildup on the scalp. Additionally, they soothe the scalp and where you have been experiencing a dry or itchy scalp, these ingredients are sure to come in handy. The jojoba oil present works to hydrate the scalp to ensure that you do not suffer from irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin.

This shampoo also strengthens hair strands in the process, making it possible for them to resist breakage. You should notice thicker hair after a period of using this product.


Q: I recently colored my hair. Can I use this shampoo?
A: This product is safe for use on all types of hair, including color-treated strands.
Q: I have thin hair, and I have concerns as to how this product can work in my favor.
A: Through the use of natural products, this shampoo manages to be gentle on even sensitive hair. It will not strip you of essential oils, and you should have your natural shine back within a wash.

This clarifying shampoo does it all from cleansing to strengthening all the way to bringing out the natural shine of your hair.

4. PHYTO PHYTHÉOL OILY HAIR Botanical Exfoliating Shampoo For Oily Scalp – Best Exfoliating Clarifying Shampoo

General Overview

Sometimes, you are in need of a good scrub to get rid of all the buildup on your scalp, and this is what this shampoo offers. It not only reduces the production of excess sebum over time but it also refreshes the hair and scalp in the process. You could be suffering from flakes owing to drying out. This shampoo will soothe the affected areas while hydrating your hair and scalp to prevent further irritation.

It is light in weight, and it will not weigh down your strands. Styling should thus be an easy task. Start by wetting your hair before applying a small amount of this shampoo to your scalp. In massaging motions, work the shampoo through the hair before rinsing it out. If you wish, you can repeat the process. If you suffer from flakes or other issues that require that you wash your scalp often, use this shampoo once a week and you will note the difference.


Q: How does this shampoo work for oily hair?
A: Let the shampoo sit on wet hair for about twenty minutes before rinsing it out, and you will notice that it will get rid of the greasiness without drying out your hair.
Q: Does this shampoo make hair soft?
A: It makes the hair silky and thus more manageable in the process.

For some great exfoliation, as you get rid of excess oils, you can count on this clarifying shampoo which you can use weekly.

5. Davines Solu Shampoo – Best Deep-Cleansing Clarifying Shampoo

General Overview

Now this deep cleansing clarifying shampoo comes in handy for people who love heavy styles. If you need a substantial amount of products to get your hairstyle right and to keep it in place, the chances of having residue are high. While regular shampoos will help you deal with dirt and oils, they are not very effective in getting rid of product buildups. This shampoo gets to the root of the problem and enables your strands to breathe and look and feel silky.

When using this shampoo, aim for the scalp and ensure that you massage it in for a while before rinsing it out.


Q: Can I color my hair after using this shampoo? If yes, how long should I wait before doing so?
A: Yes, you can color your hair as soon as it dries.
Q: Are the ingredients safe? I have a very sensitive scalp.
A: All the ingredients are natural and should thus work toward helping you achieve healthier hair in the end.

Get the deep-cleansing action you need to get your hair back on track with this fantastic clarifying shampoo!

Take caution and space out washes so that you do not dry out your hair. Not only would this lead to itching but it would also lead to increased oil production which would be challenging to handle. All the best!

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